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Do you enjoy word games?
Brainy Games lasercuts myriad tabletop games as well as designing online games too.

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Uniquely challenging family word games for all ages!

Tabletop games that you play with lasercut tiles and cards.
Free online games include "print and play" and "roll and write" editions.

With over 2,000 copies sold, Connections is scheduled for worldwide retail availability and distribution in July 2020.

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There are several tactile tabletop word games, all from lasercut wood:

Order games from Brainy Games if local to Aurora, Ontario or Etsy.

Print and Play Word Games

  • Lost Letters

  • Roll and Write Word Games

    Scrabblers RnW

    Card Games

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    Word Search is a tabletop game of making words on a constantly changing board. Two or more players compete to make words from any number of contiguously adjacent letters. You can play with or without a board.